Monday, May 20, 2013

Mock Presentations_15.05.2013

Photos from the 1-day "practice" presentations...apologies for the blurriness.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

Construction Site Visit - Høgskolen i Bergen

Here are few photos from  last Thursdsay's (25.04) construction site visit to Høgskolen i Bergen with Gudrun Molden and Per Højgaard Nielsen of HLM Arkitektur AS - part of this semester's Construction Workshop.   

Lecture: Health and Architecture 16.04

Johannes Eggen, Architect MNAL and Partner at Nordic – Office of Architecture, presents the concepts/ideas behind - and lessons learned from working with St. Olavs Hospital, Molde Hospital and Goedstrup Hospital (Denmark), with a focus on health architecture related to patient focused design, way finding and logistics/ workflow. The lecture is in Norwegian.

View the lecture here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

1:1 Workshop (Programmatic Photography) 08.04-12.04

The photos from the week-long workshop can be viewed here.

In case you wish to revisit some of the references discussed during the workshop, you can have a look at the cinematic staged photographs of Gregory Crewdson, the symbolic narrative photographs of Matthew Barney from his CREMASTER Cycle 1-5 film series as well as of David LaChapelle, and the studied compositions of Jeff Wall. In addition, you can view the non-staged or "realistic" photographs of Martin Parr and those of the French architecture office LacatonVassal (in particular their interior apt. photos).    

Monday, March 25, 2013

Complex Building Reading List

Here you can find the Complex Building reading list, consiting of plural and diverse approaches to architectural complexity. It is split into two parts:  

The books are being ordered and will be placed in the studio for all students to access.They are a series of broad reference texts to be used of one's own accord  For the purpose of equal access, the  books should reamain in the studio.

A collection of short articles and excerpts from larger texts, all in PDF format. These are meant as condensed and specific readings that one should read. We plan to set out one day in mid-to-late April for a class discussion of these texts.

Junkspace  Rem Koolhaas

Made in Tokyo: Introduction  Atelier Bow Wow 

A Conversation with Jacques Herzog  Jeffrey Kipnis and Jacques Herzog

Ten Points on an Architecture of Regionalism  Kenneth Frampton

The Generic City  Rem Koolhaas

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Concept Sketching_Phase 3_22.03

download here

Concept Sketching_Phase 2_19.03-21.03


Further concept development through three dimensional sketching onsite at Haukeland University Hospital.

The workshop outline can be read here.
For further reference, as mentioned within the outline, one can have a look at the 53rd Venice Art Biennale, the writings of Édouard Glissant and Nelson Goodman and the artwork of Tatiana Trouvé.

Haukeland University Hospital _ Presentation_19.03

view presentation here

Helse Bergens Arealplan_Current Projects 
Helge Bergmann, Project Office

Concept Sketching_Phase 1_13.03-15.03

3 days - 5 exercises

The development of first intentions through a series of models, drawings, texts, presentations and discussions.

Process photos courtesy of Andre Fontes

Revised Spring Semester Schedule

download here

Plurality and Complexity

As a starting point to the Complex Building course, which focuses on Bergen's Haukeland University Hospital, the notion of architectural complexity was introduced through a series of historical examples such as the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, Italy (left) and the Mosque–Cathedral in Córdoba, Spain (right). Evident in these examples is how plural conditions (culture, economy, climate, technology, scale, religion, politics, time, etc.) shape architecture and vice-versa. A main focus this semester will be to work architecturally with and within the plural conditions which form complexity.

Saturday, March 16, 2013